Presbytery Disaster Assistance Site

Coordinator: Mike Ratto

We are a Host Site for Church Teams from Across the Country.

Trinity's part is to provide lodging for teams spending a week as they help people in Paradise, CA and Berry Creek area rebuild their homes, this needed as a result of the fire that destroyed their homes and town.

Partners are; Presbyterian Disaster Assistnce (PDA) who refer teams from across the country and Hope Crisis Recovery Network (HCRN) directs what the teams work will be and oversees their efforts at the worksites. Each team, of up to 20, commits to spending one week of work and we make their week stay, away from home, as pleasant as possible.

If you have questions or would like to be a part of this rewarding Mission project call 530-534-0354 and ask for Mike or E-mail: ,attention; Mike Ratto.